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Puri Engineering School where the ever flowing perennial stream revered expansion of knowledge in terms of high quality advanced educational system. This is the campus where ...
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The event of globalization of our growing economy has ushered in golden age of revolution. This has a tremendous impact of our life-style, culture and education and technology
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I congratulate the students & their parents & guardians of puri engineering school,puri which has become the epitome of excellence though its progressive outlook with high moral within these four years.
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1st Sem Summer 2019 Ex regular Result: 05 Aug 2019
3rd Sem Summer 2019 Ex-regular Result: 05 Aug 2019
2nd Sem Summer 2019 Result: 05 Aug 2019
4th Sem summer 2019 Result: 05 Aug 2019
Yazaki India Pvt. LTD CAMPUS DRIVE ON DT 12.11.201: 09 Nov 2018
Notice For Subject Registration of 3rd Sem & 5th S: 05 May 2018
Form fillup Notice for 2nd sem and 3rd sem summer : 26 Apr 2018
College Bus Time table for the Summer 2018 Examina: 24 Apr 2018
2nd Sem Practical schedule: 23 Apr 2018
Exam Time Changed: 23 Apr 2018
Bus Time wef 19.4.2018: 19 Apr 2018
2nd Sem regular Revision Class Time Table: 18 Apr 2018
Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 6: 18 Apr 2018
Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 5t: 18 Apr 2018
Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 4t: 18 Apr 2018
Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 3r: 18 Apr 2018
Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 2: 18 Apr 2018
Detail Examination Programme of Summer 2018 for 1s: 18 Apr 2018
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Rules & Regulations for

Student Discipline

  • Students are expected to use only courteous and polite language and behave with decorum with the faculty members and the staff & senior of the institute.
  • Students shall avoid using any insulting, inciting, threatening language when talking with fellow students and should abstain themselves from violence inside and outside of the premises.
  • Students shall not talk or act in any manner outside the institution in a way that would bring disrepute to the Institute.
  • The students must be regular and punctual in attending classes and all activities connected with the institute, students not attending classes but roaming outside if noticed will be viewed seriously.
  • Gathering in groups at roads, entrance, exit and pathways is strictly prohibited.
  • The students shall observe strict silence in the class irrespective of the presence or absence of the faculty member.
  • No student is permitted to leave the classroom during class hours.
  • Students should not leave the class or attend it late under the pretext of paying fees, visiting the Library etc.
  • Students are expected to read notices/circulars displayed on the Institute Notice Board. Ignorance of not reading any notice/circular thus displayed shall not be accepted as an excuse failing to comply with the directions contained in it.
  • All vehicles should be parked in the allotted place. Vehicles found parked in unauthorized places shall be impounded.
  • While attending institute functions, the students will conduct themselves in such a way as to bring credit to themselves and to the institution.
  • Spitting, smoking and throwing bits of paper inside the school campus must be avoided.
  • Students are forbidden from entering the institute office and the staff rooms during unspecified hours.
  • Students are prohibited from damaging the building or any other property of the institute. Anyway, the cost of any damage so caused will be recovered from the students collectively if the responsibility for it cannot be fixed on any individual or group or individuals.
  • Representation of complaints and grievances may be made individually to the Principal through the teacher guide concerned or Discipline-cum-Grievance Committee.
  • No meeting/function of any kind shall be held in the Institute premises without the written permission of the Principal.
  • No notice of any kind shall be circulated among students or displayed on black boards or on notice board without the written permission of the Principal. No information or report should be sent to press or broadcasting agencies without the permission and approval of the Principal.
  • The Principal will deal strictly with students who play a leading part, by organizing or assisting, in strikes to disrupt vocational & recreational activities.
  • The students are expected to take up all assignments, tests and examinations of this institute seriously and would try to perform the best.
  • Misconduct during examination, production of false information or documents for admission purpose and the failure to return loaned materials or setting debts with the College would be seriously dealt with.
  • As this is small campus and various other courses are also conducted simultaneously, each student should observe SILENCE within the campus.
  • Ragging and Eve Teasing are considered as crime and strictly prohibited & action will be taken as per directives of Supreme Court from time to time. If any student indulges in any form of Ragging or Eve Teasing inside the institute premises or outside, he/she will be summarily expelled from the institute.
  • Each student of this institute must possess student Identity Card with his/her photograph affixed on it, duly attested by the Principal. The students must compulsorily wear clean, tidy dressed the uniform alongwith the student identity card inside the college campus.
  • Use of mobile phones & ear phones within the institute campus is strictly banned. Violation of this rule by any student would result in impounding of the Cell phone or ear phone and strict disciplinary action will be taken against the student.
  • Students should not involve themselves either directly or indirectly in any form or politics either inside or outside the institute during their period or study. If a student fails to comply with this regulation, strict disciplinary action will be initiated against the student which may even result in the rustication of the student from the institute.
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